CGAfrica | A Guide to Understanding Your Art Style

A Guide to Understanding Your Art Style

CGAfrica | Tobi Ayegbusi
Tobi Ayegbusi
29 Jan 2024

Within every artist lies a masterpiece waiting to be deciphered. This guide is your compass, a map to navigate the winding corridors of your own artistic identity. 

Recognizing Elements of Your Artistic Identity 


Your art style, like a fingerprint, bears the unique marks of your artistic DNA. Its essence whispers in the choices you make. 

Brushstrokes of Influence 

Who are the artists whose whispers echo in your lines? Van Gogh's swirling impasto? Monet's sun-dappled landscapes? Recognizing these influences is like tracing the tributaries that feed your creative river. 

Color Palettes that Sing Your Soul  

Do you gravitate towards fiery reds and passionate oranges, or find solace in the tranquil blues and cool greens? Your color palette speaks volumes about the emotional landscapes you paint. 

Subject Matters that Matter 

What themes draw you in, like moths to a flame? Portraits whispering stories of the human spirit, or fantastical creatures born from the depths of your imagination? Your subject matter reveals the inner compass that guides your artistic gaze. 

Composition Captivates 

How do you arrange your elements on the canvas? Do you tell stories with a dynamic flow, or create moments of hushed serenity with balanced symmetries? Your composition choices are the director's chair from which you orchestrate the visual narrative. 

Embracing the Journey of Style Discovery 


Remember, your artistic identity isn't a destination, it's a thrilling journey. Embrace the wild rides. 

Experimentation Playground 

Step outside your comfort zone! Try mediums you've never touched, let colors clash and shapes distort. In the happy chaos, you might discover hidden facets of your artistic voice. 

Happy Accidents and Inspiration Strikes 

Don't fear mistakes – they're often the birthplaces of happy accidents, and serendipitous discoveries that lead you down exciting new artistic paths. Be open to the whispers of inspiration that arise from unexpected turns. 

Practice Makes Perfect (With Personality) 

Hone your skills, but never lose sight of your unique expression. Let technique be your brush, not your cage. The more you practice, the more fluidly your artistic personality can shine through. 

Feedback Loop  

Share your art, gather feedback, and learn from every stroke and every opinion. Embrace constructive criticism as a way to refine your voice, not silence it. Remember, your art is a conversation, not a monologue. 

Beyond the Canvas: Understanding the Context of Your Art 


Your art is not born in a vacuum. It's the kaleidoscope of your experiences, emotions, and surroundings. 

Inner Landscapes 

What emotions does your art evoke? Does it simmer with hidden anxieties or burst with unbridled joy? Your art is a mirror reflecting your inner world, so listen to the stories it tells. 

Storyteller with a Brush 

Are you weaving narratives into your creations? Is your canvas a stage for fantastical adventures or a window into poignant human moments? Embrace the storyteller within, let your brush become your quill. 

Cultural Cues and Artistic Echoes 

Your environment leaves its mark on your art. The bustling cityscapes, the whispering forests, the vibrant traditions of your heritage – all these weave their threads into the tapestry of your artistic vision. 

Owning Your Artistic Fingerprint 

The journey of self-discovery can be daunting, but remember: 

Silence the Inner Critic 

We all have that pesky inner critic, but don't let it silence your creative voice. Celebrate imperfections as brushstrokes of your artistic fingerprint, unique and beautiful in their own way. 

Building Brand You 

As your style evolves, it begins to coalesce into a recognizable brand, your artistic signature. Don't be afraid to refine and showcase what makes your art uniquely you. 

Sharing Your Story with the World 

Your art is a gift, a bridge between your soul and the world. Share it with confidence, connect with audiences, and let your artistic voice resonate with others. 

Final Thoughts: The Evolving Canvas of Your Artistic Identity 


Your artistic identity is a living, breathing entity, a canvas that's forever expanding. Embrace the constant evolution, the joyful discoveries, and the occasional stumbles. With every stroke, and every experiment, you enrich the masterpiece that is your unique artistic voice. So, dear fellow artist, grab your brush, chisel, and pen – the world awaits your next stroke of creative genius. 

Exploring the Toolbelt: Mediums that Meld with Your Muse 


The tools we choose are more than mere instruments; they're extensions of our artistic spirit. Each medium whispers its own creative possibilities, waiting to be explored. 

The Alluring Canvas 

Acrylics blaze with vibrant intensity, while watercolors dance with ethereal washes. Oils whisper of timeless depth, and charcoal sketches capture fleeting moments with raw energy. Experiment, discover the medium that sings the song of your soul. 

Sculpting the Soul 

Clay whispers of malleable forms, while stone exudes stoic permanence. Metal shimmers with industrial elegance, and wood whispers of nature's resilience. Feel the materials, let their textures ignite your creative spark. 

Pixelated Poetry 

The digital canvas, with its limitless possibilities, beckons to the tech-savvy artist. Pixels dance in vibrant constellations, lines bend with algorithmic grace, and 3D worlds bloom from the fingertips. Embrace the digital realm, let it be your playground of innovation. 

Fueling Your Creative Fire 

The spark of inspiration can flicker and fade. Here's how to keep your creative furnace roaring: 

Feast on the Visual Symphony 

Immerse yourself in art! Visit museums, devour art books, lose yourself in the vibrant tapestry of online galleries. Let the works of others ignite your own creative embers. 

Travel Through Time and Cultures 

Journey beyond the familiar. Explore the artistic expressions of different cultures, different eras. Discover new perspectives, broaden your artistic vocabulary. 

Embrace the Unconventional 

Don't be afraid to step outside the lines, to find inspiration in the unexpected. A raindrop on a window, a crumpled piece of paper, the graffiti on a brick wall – all hold the potential to spark a creative wildfire. 

Keep a Creative Cauldron Bubbling 

Jot down ideas, sketch in your notebook, capture fleeting thoughts in voice recordings. Fill your creative cauldron with ingredients, so when the fire of inspiration ignites, you have a feast of possibilities to cook with. 

Building Your Artist Tribe: Finding Your Creative Kin 


The journey of artistic discovery is not a solitary one. Surround yourself with fellow artists, your creative tribe 

Seek Out Your Studio Soulmates 

Join art groups, attend workshops, connect with artists online. Find kindred spirits who inspire you, challenge you, and celebrate your artistic victories. 

Embrace the Power of Feedback  

Share your work, seek constructive criticism. A trusted peer's eye can catch what yours might miss, offering invaluable insights to refine your artistic voice. 

Collaborate and Cross-Pollinate 

Don't be afraid to collaborate! Merging your creative energies with others can lead to unexpected masterpieces, broadening your artistic horizons and enriching your artistic journey. 

Remember, dear artist, your artistic identity is a kaleidoscope of experiences, influences, and emotions. Embrace the journey, nurture your creative spark, and let your unique artistic voice sing to the world. 


Q: What if I don't have a "signature style" yet? 

A: Don't worry! A signature style is not a destination, it's an evolution. Keep exploring, keep creating, and trust that your unique voice will emerge with time and practice. 

Q: How can I overcome art block and find inspiration? 

A: Step outside your comfort zone! Try new mediums, experiment with different techniques, and break out of your routine. Inspiration often hides in the unexpected corners. 

Q: Is it okay to be influenced by other artists? 

A: Absolutely! All artists are influenced by those who came before them. Embrace your influences, learn from them, but remember to add your own unique twist to their whispers. 

Q: How can I build confidence in my artistic voice? 

A: Share your work! Get feedback from trusted peers, participate in art challenges, and celebrate your artistic victories, no matter how small. The more you share your voice, the more confident you'll become. 

Q: What are some resources for further exploration of art styles? 

A: There are countless online resources and books available to help you explore different art styles. Visit museums, attend workshops, and connect with other artists. The more you immerse yourself in the world of art, the more your own artistic voice will flourish.