CGAfrica | Level Up with Africa Comicade: The future of gaming is Africa!

Level Up with Africa Comicade: The future of gaming is Africa!

CGAfrica | Tobi Ayegbusi
Tobi Ayegbusi
9 Feb 2024

Gaming in Africa is on the rise; the continent is home to a rapidly growing population of gamers, and the industry is attracting increasing investment from around the world. Africa Comicade, is at the forefront of this exciting development. Micheal E. Oscar, Co-Founder of Africa Comicade, shares some double XP insights on the journey so far. 

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Impact and Inspiration 

What is Africa comicade all about?

Africa comicade is a launchpad for stakeholders in the African video Games, Immersive and Interactive media industry. We support the stakeholders in showcasing their works, as well as accessing opportunities for learning, jobs, co-production, funding and more. 

Who are your role models or mentors in the global gaming scene?  

How have they influenced your approach?   

My main role model in the Video games industry is Guy Blomberg. I met him through the IGDA Foundation Next Gen Leader in 2021.  He was my mentor, and to be honest, until then, I didn't have someone I was following or looking up to. However, When I met Guy, it was a great match. He also has “Community” at the core of what He does, promoting the idea that we need to work as a collective to achieve our goals, and that resonates deeply with me. He runs the games Industry gathering and consulting for leading brands in the Video games industry. 

What do you hope to achieve through your creative endeavors within the industry?  


I hope to add my quota in making the African Video Games industry a sustainable sector, by supporting its development into a $1billion industry. This, I hope to achieve through Africa comicade, and other organizations I will be working with and for. 


Growth & Adaptation  

How do you stay informed about the latest trends and technologies in the gaming industry?  

I come online and browse through the amazing content available. I follow key people in the sector and ensure I am listening for news and information. Above all, the community is a huge resource to learn from. People share and discuss relevant information, and I am always listening. 

What unique challenges and opportunities does the Nigerian gaming industry face compared to the global landscape? 


I don’t think our challenges are unique. What I would say is We are a young market. The games industry in Nigeria is still young, and so, all we are experiencing is similar to what other markets faced, when they just started. Lack of funding, learning opportunities, government support and all, are not unique to any market, it is common across board, just varied severity based on maturity of the market. 

How can platforms like Africa comicade and CGAfrica contribute to further supporting and promoting the growth of the Nigerian gaming ecosystem? 

Platforms like these can greatly help in raising awareness of the sector and promoting the work of the stakeholders therein. We need to facilitate exchange within and across sectors, and platforms like this have the unique opportunity to highlight, showcase, network, and promote the stakeholders. 

What advice would you give to aspiring African game developers and artists starting their journey?  


First thing first, treat your creativity as a business. Passion doesn’t pay the bills and can only take you as far. Secondly, hard work pays, but it will follow a process. Enjoy that process, grow and learn through the experiences, and never lose sight of the end goal. Next year makes it a decade I’ve been in the games industry, I have seen many things and made sacrifices. Try to figure out what you want from this path early on, so you don't waste so much time on the journey. 


Milestones & Memories 

Looking ahead, what are your personal and professional goals for the next year in the industry?  


I want to go back to being a creative. I have been too much of a business-person in recent years. I want to find ways of striking a balance. I miss the art of creating s, and I want to explore that side of myself once more. Above all, I am looking forward to implementing systems and structures in my organization so it can function beyond me.  

If you could collaborate with any dream team in the global gaming industry, who would be on it and why?  

I don't think there is a dream team I look forward to collaborating with currently, however, I know I would love to work with the Game development team at Netflix or Disney, to port one of their IPs into a game. 



Micheal E. Oscar's passion and dedication to building a thriving African gaming industry is an inspiration to future generations. Through Africa Comicade, he's not just fostering talent and opportunities, but actively shaping the future of gaming on the continent. His ambition to make Africa Comicade a billion-dollar venture over a decade showcases the immense potential the African gaming scene holds. As Oscar reflects, "Passion doesn't pay the bills, but it fuels the engine" If aspiring developers and artists can embrace both passion and business awareness, the future of African gaming is indeed bright.