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Comic Con Ibadan: A pivotal geek movement.

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1 Mar 2024

Comic conventions, often shortened to "Comic Cons," are large-scale events dedicated to all things comics, animation, and geek culture. Once considered niche gatherings, comic conventions have gained widespread acceptance and popularity globally. They are now major cultural events, attracting hundreds of thousands of attendees worldwide. While comic conventions are well-established globally, their presence in Africa is still evolving. Nigeria is at the forefront of this movement, with various comic cons such as Lagos Comic Con, PH City Comic Con, Nerdwork, The Black Unity Comic Con (BUCC), and now Comic-Con Ibadan

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Comic-Con Ibadan is a new force that has emerged in Nigeria's cultural landscape, a geek movement born in the heart of the great city of Ibadan. This groundbreaking event emerged on the 25th of March 2023, marking a significant moment for the city and the entire Nigerian comic book space. 

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Over 1,000 enthusiastic participants converged at New Culture Studio in Mokola, eager to celebrate their passion for comics, animation, and all geeky things. The atmosphere crackled with excitement as attendees delved into a diverse range of activities, such as exhibitions, cosplays, masterclasses, and networking opportunities. 

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A historic moment unfolded with the presentation of the first-ever Nigerian Comic Awards. These awards recognized and celebrated the outstanding contributions of individuals within the industry, acknowledging their talent and dedication. 

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The overwhelming response CCI received is a testament to the event's significance. Comic-Con Ibadan goes beyond just being a fun event; it can potentially create a lasting impact on the Nigerian comic book landscape. 

Empowering Creators 

The event provides a platform for creators to showcase their work, gain recognition, and connect with potential collaborators, fueling their passion and contributing to the industry's growth. 

Fostering a community 

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Comic-Con Ibadan brings together fans and professionals, creating a space for meaningful interactions and knowledge exchange. Fans get to meet their favourite creators, discuss their passion with like-minded individuals, and contribute to a thriving community. 

Showcasing Nigerian Creativity 

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The convention serves as a global platform to showcase the vibrant creativity and talent of Nigerian comic book creators. This increased exposure can open doors to new opportunities and collaborations, promoting Nigerian comics on a global stage. 

The minds behind the curtain

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Adedayo Adeoye Erivic - Convener.

Adedayo Adeoye Erivic is an award-winning Nigerian comic book artist and an Afro-centric comic book creator. Erivic is the man with the vision, the convener of Comic Con Ibadan, the official geek event of West Africa’s third-largest city, celebrating African comics, games, animations, and nerd culture.


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Ayegbusi D. D. Tobi - Event coordinator.

Tobi is a seasoned creative writer who is devoted to crafting stories that leave a mark, not just a bookmark. He is the co-founder and lead writer of Brown Roof Studios. Tobi oversees the entire event, bringing the vision and goals to reality.

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Theophilus Femi Alawonde - Head; Media and Publicity.
With a background in journalism and a track record of strategically positioning brands for growth, Theophilus has been responsible for the steady growth of Comic-Con Ibadan as well as its penetration into communities, groups and the media.


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Williams Owoeye - Associate; Media and Publicity.
Having successfully managed brands and organisations like Asido Campus Network, Custimony, Writinova and more, Williams is instrumental in the growth of Comic-Con Ibadan.



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Mujeeb Jummah - Brand designer and strategist.

Founder of both Artivists Africa and The Central, Mujeeb Jummah is an ace brand designer whose works have helped elevate the brand aesthetics of the convention. Every beautiful design from the convention is solely the brainchild of Mujeeb Jummah.

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Eniola Ebenezer Ogunleye - Logistics and Welfare Manager.

Founder of the tourism platform; Arinkajabata, Eniola is a big enthusiast of providing people with amazing experiences. He successfully manages the welfare of convention attendees by providing budget-friendly hotel recommendations as well as ease of access to convention venues.


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Alabi Oluwatosin McCool - Human Resources Manager.
With a flair for smooth and progressive human relations, especially in both work and social spaces, Oluwatosin has been instrumental in creating a cohesive and interactive space for everyone involved with the convention from planning meetings to managing team members and volunteers.


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The future looks bright for comic books in Nigeria thanks to the success of Comic-Con Ibadan. This event has propelled the geek culture in Ibadan, fostering a thriving community and providing a platform for creators and fans. As Comic-Con Ibadan continues to grow, it has the potential to become a major force in shaping the narrative of African comics, not just within Nigeria, but across the globe. 

Stay tuned! The next Comic Con Ibadan promises to be even bigger and better. Follow their social media (Instagram: @comic_con_ibadan) for updates and be a part of this exciting journey.