CGAfrica joined THU 2022

CGAfrica did not miss the chance to be in the prestigious THU ( Trojan Horse are Unicorn) 2022. Find out to know more in this article.


Bertil Svanekiaer from Ghana Represents CGAfrica at THU 2022

Bertil Svanekiaer- CGAfrica member from Ghana selected for upcoming event for digital artists and creative professionals organized by Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn (THU).


Learn Houdini for Free

An opportunity to attend a Free Houdini training school


Africa’s largest convention of digital creatives in Games, Animation, Comics, and XR returns this September 2022

The Africacomicade Gamathon is a hybrid event focused on highlighting the works of African Digital creatives, connecting them to opportunities, and hosting conversations relevant to the growth of the industry.

Oscar EsioNews

Mukalazi Raymond Andrew: Consistency and discipline is the key to Animation

Mukalazi Raymond Andrew: Consistency and Discipline is the Key to Animation: By 2030, the animation industry worldwide is expected to be a 600-billion-dollar industry. Thus, what could be the best time to learn animation than today.


CGAfrica Competition 2022: Legend Of Shango - The Third Emperor Winners Announced

We are excited to announce the winner of the CGAfrica Competition 2022 themed ‘The Legend of Sango – The Third Emperor’ which is sponsored by Triggerfish Animation, DNABlocks, Foundry, Blur Studio and Framestore.


5 Best Animated Movies in Africa

Recognition of the emerging African animation industry could be felt worldwide. Unique African culture, story, and style combined with great animation and you have an amazing film worth watching for. Read here to know the 5 best animated movies in Africa.


The Top 5 Most Promising Animation Studios in Africa

Animation studios in Africa grew rapidly, as well as the numbers of skilled artists, animators in the CG and animation industry.


Making of The War for The Planets of The Apes

Sidney Kombo, Animation supervisor at Weta Digital discuss the making of the war for the planets of the Apes.


Choosing Your First 3D Software

So, you have decided to join the 3D artist ranks and conquer the world with your unrivalled artistic brilliance. Well, let me be the first one to welcome you to the war, and it’s literally an ongoing war amongst the software developers and between the artists to snag the few but desired jobs available.


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