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Kugali Media: An African Creative Powerhouse

Tobi Ayegbusi | CGAfrica
Tobi Ayegbusi
4 Mar 2024

Kugali is shaking things up in the African creative industry. Their whole vibe is about showcasing Africa's incredible stories, and let me tell you, they're doing it in style! 




Kugali Media, Co-founded by Olufikayo Adeola, Hamid Ibrahim, and Toluwalakin Olowofoyeku, is a Pan-African entertainment corporation with headquarters in Britain, known for great African storytelling and aesthetics. They create tales that honor Africa's past, welcome the present, and forward to the future. Currently, they are the world's largest retailer of African comic books. 




From Comics to Animation

Kugali Media is all about making tales. Their works include lucrative comic book projects such as "Nani," "Kokou," and "Lake of Tears." These stories delve into diverse themes, from mythology and fantasy to contemporary social issues. Now Kugali has gained global recognition by creating an excellent animated series produced in collaboration with Walt Disney Animation Studio.




Their animation project with Walt Disney Animation Studios, IWÁJÚ, has created a massive buzz worldwide since its release on Disney+ on February 28, 2024.




IWÁJÚ follows the captivating adventures of Tola, a young wealthy, Nigerian girl and her best friend, Kola, a self-thought, tech-wiz. Set in the buzzing, futuristic megacity of Lagos, Nigeria.    




A Platform for African Voices

But here's what sets Kugali apart; they're all about amplifying African voices on a global scale. They're like the ultimate hype squad for African storytellers, ensuring their stories are heard far and wide. Plus, they're all about collaboration, bringing folks together and inspiring the next generation of creators. 




At the end of the day, Kugali media is a hub of creativity and progress. They're rewriting the narrative of Africa and shaping the future of the creative industry, one epic story at a time. How cool is that? 


What is Kugali Media's impact on the African narrative?

Kugali Media plays a crucial role in amplifying diverse African voices and showcasing the continent's multifaceted stories on a global platform. Their work goes beyond mere entertainment. They preserve African cultural heritage while promoting creativity and innovation.

How does Kugali Media foster collaboration within the creative industry?

Kugali actively fosters partnerships, connections, and mentorship opportunities, creating a space for knowledge sharing and collective growth within the African creative industry.

How is Kugali Media shaping the future of the creative industry?

Kugali Media is redefining the perception of African creativity, inspiring the next generation, and promoting a more inclusive and representative global creative landscape.