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The Top 5 Most Promising Animation Studios in Africa



Animation studios in Africa are breaking through the digital scenery of the cinematic world today. These African animation studios are being noticed by films and tv giants like Netflix and Disney, a feat that not only involves a lot of hard work, grit, and creativity but tons of ingenuity too. Digital artists in Africa persistently learn and collaborate to level up their games into the creative space.  

Despite the pandemic, the African pool of talented animators and artists received accolades worldwide as they are striving, to show to the world the grassroots stories and talents of Africa. 

Various animation studios emerged as the demands for animation post-Covid continuously grows.  Whatever region you are in in the world., you would surely find an animation studio that would suit your project needs and demands.  

Here at CG Africa, we present our top 5 most promising animation studios in Africa, where the magic of animation happens. 


CEO/ Owner 

Animation Projects  


Stuart Forrest 

Khumba, Zambesia 

Luma Animation  

Paul Meyer /  Gerhard Painter 

Headspace, MeerKAt Visualization Project 

Magic Carpet Studios 

Ferdy ‘Ladi  Adimefe 

Passport of Malliam Ilia 

Maan Creative 

Johan Scheepers  / Michael Clark 

My Better World 

Orange VFX 

Oboh Richard 

STV Ultimate Love TV Commercial (2020) DSTV step up and boost ad (2019) 

Triggerfish Animation Studios  

The Triggerfish animation studio is a leading animation studio in Africa. They had produced award-winning projects that gets the attention of animation giants. Recently, they received the 2021 Mifa Animation Industry Award during Annecy International Animation Festival. While Stickman was awarded the Cristal Awards for Best TV Production in 2016, to name a few. 

triggerfish animation studios logo
Image from Triggerfish Animation Studios

The 103-manned African animation studio is pushing to be the best 3D animation and CG studio in the land, if not of the world. No wonder Disney, Disney plus and Netflix will have Khumba, Mama K’s Team of 4  on the line soon. 

Yet, even with the global accolades received by Triggerfish, its CEO Stuart Forrest, believes that the studio is still in its infancy stage. Needless to say, a lot more is to be undertaken. As every production is a vision of people’s creativity and inspiration.  

In one of his interviews, Forrest emphasized the role rendered by people. It takes the collaboration of ideas and creativity to come up with a piece of art-the animation. 

Thus, he constantly supports and encourages aspiring artists to bold. Talents and creativity have no boundary it only needs to be expressed. To support talents, Triggerfish is one of the sponsors of CG Africa’s ongoing competition

Luma Animation  

Image from

Prided themselves as a well-established CG and animation company in South Africa. One of their prominent projects was the MeerKAT (Karoo Array Telescope) project- 90-second promo documentation intended for the World Scientific Convention in Canada.  

A few years ago, Luma Animation studio has already penetrated the US through 30-second tv ads for Kemps. 

Considered by Luma animation’s CEO Peter Meyer as their most technical and artistic work, the AVOB centenary tv commercial was an awe-inspiring accomplishment by them. The 60-second vid showed how computer graphics imagery were masterfully utilized to arrive at the desired effect fit for a 100-year celebration.  

Their current project Headspace will be out soon, in collaboration with SC International Films and The Ergo Company.  

Magic Carpet Studios 

Animation and CG enthusiasts refer to this studio as the Disney of Africa. Located in Lekki, Nigeria, Magic Carpet Studios is one of the forerunners of the animation niche in the digital industry of Africa.

Established in 2016, they specialize in 2D animation now venturing to 3D too, and gaming as well. Their talents and artists are being outsourced to do animation projects. 

Cited the 21st century Africa’s year of storytelling, Magic Carpet Studios is very excited to conquer the world of animation and computer graphics of Africa.

For them, it is through animation that Africa could relay its vast culture and story. 

MAAN Creative  

animation of a girl
Image from


An animation studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa, MAAN Creative finds 2D animation and stop motion more engaging than any other niche. MAAN Creative pursued to become the best in their region.

In partnership with Fundi Films, MAAN creative did not falter in delivering a compelling animation of the story of the lives of six African teenagers as they faced the different ordeals of African life in My Better World. 

My Better World is gaining the top spot in tv shows in Kenya, and a nomination in the prestigious animation showdown- the Annecy Internationa Animation Film Festival. 

Orange VFX  

Located in Lagos, Nigeria, Orange VFX prided itself on providing the best animation and 3D services for a price that its clients would find reasonable, with its mission to inspire and uplift Africa. 

Image from OrangeVFX

A two-time winner in LIFANIMA (Lagos International Festival of Animation), another prestigious African Animation Festivals. They won the 2020 Best Animation Commercial as well as the 2019 Best Animation Commercial in the said contest. 

With a vision to empower the next generation of animators and digital artists, and initiative-Orange Seed was launched by the company. Orange Seed aimed to train 1000 youth to become competent digital content creators of Africa, a movement that would really bring a bright future for the young people. 


Animation studios in Africa have come a long way and are started to be noticed globally. Although these studios have more to learn, at this point in time they had already proven that: 

  • African animation studios could compete with the world’s more known animation giants
  • Almost each of these studios has projects that are currently promoted in other countries
  • Animation studios in Africa are consciously aware of their roles in promoting to the world the richness of African culture and ingenuity.

Given a fair playing field, animation studios in Africa could surely deliver a rich and extensive project that would unravel the opulent resources Africa has. 

How about you, which other animation studio would you include in the list? Let us know about it in the comments below.