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CGAfrica | CGAfrica 2D character contest

CGAfrica 2D character contest

We are announcing our CGAfrica 2D Character with a Coconut

Head! This adorable character is well-known for its resemblance to

a coconut and its charmingly quirky nature.

We are looking for artists to put their own idea and spin on

creating a 2D character with a coconut head, infuse it with their unique flair, and bring out its playful personality.

Whether you're a fan of digital art or prefer traditional methods, this competition is your opportunity to showcase your skills by capturing the essence of the 2D Character with a Coconut Head.

We're all about celebrating diverse artistic styles and encouraging everyone to unleash their creativity in crafting their version of this delightful character. So, let your imagination run wild and dive into the Coconut Head Character Design Competition!